Saturday, March 12, 2005

She made me "piss" my pants tonight

Well Happy Birhtday to me! Caitlyn has done it again and has made me laugh so hard that I actually had to run from the room to make it to the bathroom....yet again.
Picture this, a sweet, innocent child sitting on the couch watching Lion King while I sit playing Literati on the computer. I am listening to her chatter to herself when she suddenly starts calling my name. I look over and ask her what she needs. She tells me something that I can't quite make out (not all of her speech is 100% understandable as of yet).
Finally I make some of the words out and repeat them back to her to be sure that this is what she is trying to tell me. She is attempting to tell me something about me being pissed off! She continues to tell me all about it and I tried writing it down as fast as she was saying it so that I could be as concise as possible.

"When you get pissed off, it means that you're not happy. That you are angry. Are you pissed off angry now?"

As if her knowing precisely what the word means and how to use it in sentences, she begins singing something. Again, I can't quite make it out at first. But after careful listening, I realize that my child is calling me "Mom Pissed Off"!!!!

I would love to say that I corrected her and told her that she should not be saying this, but I was laughing to hard....parent of the year I suppose. You know, we have laid off on the dreaded F word and she hasn't uttered that for wuite some time. Now appearently I must remove all of the foul words from my that even possible???

Oh and on a side note...we managed a bowel movement in the potty of our own accord today :)

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Shelley said...

Ok im dying laughing here. That is just too freaking funny Nance! And yay on the potty!