Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Modesty....she doesn't know that word!

Silly little girl that she was tonight, made an entire room of people laugh out loud. We went to Matt's football banquet and Caitlyn was so excited to see her daddy standing in front of all of those people talking. She kept asking when she could go up by him. So finally, another coach was talking and I told her that she could go and stand next to him if she stood there quietly. She said she would and she was off to be on stage with daddy.
He was pleased and smiled as she approached him, feeling proud of her of course. When she was about 6 feet away, she attempts to whisper (an impossible task for an almost 4 year old), and says:
"Daddy I have to go pee on the potty!"
Needless to say, everyone got a good chuckle and I ran up there to run to the bathroom with her with my face red as could be.

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Shelley said...

That is just too funny and too cute all at the same time. Your little Caitlyn is a star, and destined for the stage I bet hahaha.