Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The pooping saga continues...

What has my life become that I find interesting conversation with a 3 1/2 year old about why she should (or in her eyes should not) poop on the potty??? Such is life I suppose. I have decided that Caitlyn is too smart for her own well being...and for my own sanity.
I actually made this child sit on the potty for upwards of 2 hours tonite in the hopes that "it" would just happen. Tried the bribing thing with a trip to McDonald's. Tried everything that I could possibly think of short of squeezing this child until something...andything....happens. No such luck.
After the initial trauma of not being able to go to McDonald's, my brilliant child gets an idea. She proceeds to ask me:
"Mommy, it's okay to have an accident in your pull up right?"
Let me explain this. About 2 weeks ago, I mentioned that it was okay to have an accident in the pull up while she was sleeping, as that is the only time that she wears those. I should have been a little more descriptive when I told her this sentence, because at 3 1/2 she has already made me eat my own words!


Shelley said...

Both you and Caitlyn have me laughing when I read your blog Nance. You write really well. Before you know it Caitlyn will be kicking potty and pull up a**!!!

Preemie Mum said...

Rofl - your little princess is old before her years! Nancy, you have a wheeler dealer on your hands there.

Hugs to you both, and thanks for brightening my day