Saturday, March 19, 2005

She is bilingual?

As you may know, Caitlyn is a huge Dora the Explorer fan. So she has some exposure to the spanish language. She is also learning spanish a couple times a week in of the many perks of almost $500 a month I suppose. Tonight we ventured to Mc Donald's as a family, which I am most certain that Matt thouroughly enjoyed (NOT). There were about 4 other little girls there that Caitlyn was playing with (instead of eating mind you). And they all happened to be of Spanish decent. I tell her that she has one more go up the tunnels and down the slide. So she goes running to the tunnel screaming "Come on" to her new friends. I am waiting at the bottom so that I can catch her when she comes down so that she does not dach back into the tunnels....she knows there is no getting my big ass in there after her. I hear her continuing to call the other girls, as she is quite the bossy one when it comes to playing with other children at times. I guess they weren't moving fast enough for her calling them in english so she proceeds to start yelling "Vamanos!!" (means let's go in spanish). Matt at I simply looked at each other silently and the other parents around began laughing hysterically. One mom looked at me and said..."She must be a fan of Dora."

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Cath said...

She is one intellegent girlie Nancy, be proud of her, i know i would be!