Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Culprit

The reason I am not a good blogger anymore:
It is so much easier to just type out one or two sentences and let people know what's going on in your life. Easier than typing out a narrative. So to catch you up (all 4 of you that read this) I have compiled a random sampling of my facebook statuses since my last post. It pretty much sums up what has been going on in our lives.

June 20
10 years ago today, Matt and I were about to embark on a terrifying 106 day journey. We had no idea just how amazing that journey would be!

June 21
I have one very excited little girl reading a new book on her new Kindle.
I can't complain about all this rain...saves me from having to keep moving the sprinkler on the new sod!

June 22
A remake of Footloose??? Really!!!
Clean house. Full belly. Good Will Hunting on tv. Breeze coming through the windows. Me lounging on the couch. I love summer break.

June 24
Getting everything ready for the sleepover!!

June 25

June 26
12 years ago I married the greatest guy in the world. Happy anniversary Matt! I love you!

June 27
Caitlyn has her first black eye. That's what happens when you run through a sprinkler and hit your friends head with your face.

June 29
I hate you insomnia. That is all.
While packing for the lake, Caitlyn says:
"Sometimes I think we take moms for granted."
From the mouths of babes!!

June 30
Waupaca bound...

July 7
Making our way home from the lake. I have one worn out little girl on my hands. That's what happens when you swim from sun up till sun down I guess!

July 9
Getting my girl ready for her Girl Scout camping trip! I think I'm going to miss her more than she will miss me!

July 10
Driving my girl to camp :/

July 12
Having a "mole" (by the name of Michelle Tatela aka Nurse) has eased my separation anxiety tremendously!! I am the lucky mom getting updates on activities, photos, and even a video of my kid doing the Macarena periodically.

July 14
Oy Vey!!! I certainly have my work cut out for me here :/

July 15
Had a wonderful sleep last night. Now, work for the day and then....I get to see my girl!!!!!

July 19
It's DynaVox, not DynaBox. It's the little things that have a tendency to push me right over the edge!

July 20
It's gonna be a hot one today folks!!

July 24
Was going to cook dinner, then decided against it. Going to Chipotle instead.....mmmmmmmm

July 25
After watching the news this morning, it doesn't look like I'll be turning my AC off this week either :/

July 26
Listening to Cait talk to the dentist cracks me up!! The conversations she has when she doesn't know I'm listening LOL

No cavities for Caitlyn! Love hearing that from the dentist (mainly cause it just saves me money). Aaaaaand....she may not need braces afterall; maybe just a tray or a retainer. Will know for sure after the next visit in January!

July 27
Caitlyn just asked me if we could watch a Lifetime movie and take a nap in my bed. Man I love my kid!

Think I have an ear infection :/

July 30
I love that Caitlyn still asks me to read to her before she goes to bed. Tonight's book of choice was 'Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late' by Mo Willems.

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