Thursday, November 13, 2008

Report Card and Reaction

I will start with the report card and parent teacher conferences. First of all, the teacher had us shagged out of the room within about 7 minutes. Matt says it's because we had the meeting about 2 weeks ago, I say it's because she just doesn't want anything to do with us. Whatever the case may be, it made for a quick and easy conference.

Caitlyn's report card was outstanding. She was all worried that she was going to get a C in writing. And Cate puts a lot of pressure on herself to succeed in school. She and I need to work on curbing that at times. Sometimes I think it is how she views school and other times I think it's just part of her drama queen genetic make up. Either way, she really strives to do well at school. And it showed on her report card:

Reading A
Writing B
Math A
Science A
Social Studies A
Library A
Music A

and she got a ribbon for excellent citizenship. So all in all, a great report. Teacher had nothing bad to say about her. Said she participates all the time in class and is so well behaved that she often forgets she is even in there. To say we are pleased is an understatement.

The outstanding report card led to the big surprise. After she saw her report card, all she did was ask me what her surprise was. She had to wait until we got her from my mom's, went to the office supply store for more crap for my homework, and ate dinner. So by the time I told her I was ready to give them to her, she was already near spontaneous combustion from the anticipation of it.

I made her close her eyes and put her hands out. (side note....why do we do that?) I put them in her hands and told her to open her eyes.

The look of complete shock on her face was priceless. The interesting thing was that she knew what they were immediately. Obviously she read what it said, but I didn't expect her to know they were concert tickets.

Without looking at me she said:
"You got Carrie Underwood tickets??" In a low voice, completely stunned.

I told her yes and that was when the jumping and screaming and of course, tears began flowing. Yes, she cried. That's what my kid does. Apples and trees I tell ya!

She wanted to just sit and stare at them all night, but I had to put them away because I just knew if they were laying around any longer something was going to happen to them.

And now the countdown begins.


Colleen said... the reaction pictures! Have a great time!

MeghatronsMom said...

That is a great reaction! When did she get so big? She is growing up way too fast! I am very excited for her! Hope you post lots of pics of your evening! Sounds fun- just the girls, hotel, concert- can I come???

crazed lunatic said...

love that you were able to capture her reaction like that..... :)

great job on the report card, too!

Cath said...

Congrats to Caitlyn, what an achievment.
Hope you are all well!