Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Decision Made

I bought them!!

I managed to bargain with the seller and get her to sell them to me for $65.00 less than she wanted. So I got 2 tickets, 21st row, for $190.00. Which is only $80 a ticket, so not bad. It chokes me up a little to think of that money being spent on them. BUT, I got my tuition reimbursement check last Friday and somehow we managed to get a nice little check from our mortgage company. Seems there was leftover money in our escrow account when we refinanced. So I could rationalize the frivolous purchase knowing that between those 2 checks, there is plenty left over to throw into our savings account.

The girl does not know yet. And I need a creative way to tell her about them. So if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share with me please.

Thanks for voting in the poll. It was kind of fun having that up there to check daily and I may consider putting one up every week. Something silly. I really considered the 3 comments that were left too, that encouraged me to just go ahead and do it. The one that I took to heart the most was Colleen's. Her daughter Kennedy has had a really rough go of it over the last year and her comment really put everything into perspective for me. So thank you Colleen :)

Now I am super excited to go to this concert. Not because I really want to see Carrie Underwood, I have already seen her twice at Country Thunder. But I CAN NOT wait to see Caitlyn's face when she hears we have the tickets. More than that, I CN NOT wait to see her face when she is a mere 50 feet away from her. I know I will be the only fool in the audience crying. And not because of the performance, but because of how happy my little Mojo is going to be!


Colleen said...

wow..I didnt realize what kind of emotions your post would leave me with! I am all tears right now! I am so happy you are going and am so excited! I can not wait to hear all about it! When you said you will probably be the only one crying made me think of Kennedy and I. We took the kids to see Backyardigans live...I swear Kennedy was the loudest and happiest kid there. I was the one crying!

As for ideas...maybe you could get a new cd or poster or something...then you could print out the venue info..and make copies of the actual tickets so she could bring them to school or whereever she would like to brag about it. Put everything together like a little gift package. Or just leave it all a big surprise and just tell her you are going somewhere special and its a surpise.

Me, in the pursuit of... said...

Give them to her for breakfast. put them in her cereal bowl before she wakes up, or pancake plate or whatever. I cant think of a better way to start the day than to get Cher tickets for breakfast. Cher in my world = Carrie Underwood in Caitlyn's. And don't wait until the day of either. The anticipation is as much fun as the experience, and you want her to remember this for years to come. If you spring everything on her in one day, she might go into sensory overload and the whole experience will pass her by while she's trying to get a grip on what's happening.

Anyway, that's what I would do.