Monday, February 18, 2008

Jordan's Bath Gel

Scene: Caitlyn in the bathtub this afternoon. I was in the bedroom watching television while she played. (yes I am that bad mother that you heard about that leaves her kid in the tub alone)

C: Mom!!

N: Yes baby?

C: Can you call Auntie or Ashley? (my best friend or her daughter)

N: Sure. Why?

C: Cause Jo Jo left his shower gel in here and I don't like in it my tub. Call and see if one of them can pick it up today.

That gel has been in there since New Year's Eve when Ashley was watching the kids here and they took a bath. Separately of course. But nonetheless, it has been in there for close to 2 months. And now it is suddenly driving her bat shit crazy that it is in her bath tub.

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a very tired mommy said...

hahahahaha... funny kidlet! Did you call, Mom? ;)