Thursday, February 21, 2008

100th Day of School

Tomorrow is Caitlyn's 100th day of school. I'm not exactly sure when this little tradition started in schools. I don't remember ever "celebrating" it when I was in school. I only heard about when I graduated and got my first job.

And let me tell you, it is crazy business!! And these kids are way serious about it. The schools that I am in had their 100th day last week, since we start before Chicago Public Schools. There are posters all over the walls in the hallways. That's all the kids can talk about.

One of the things that Caitlyn's room is doing is bringing in 100 of something for a snack. They are going to mix everything that they kids bring in a bowl and have a "silly snack" tomorrow. Now my kid, being who she is, wants to bring 100 grape tomatoes. Well, when you mix that with marshmallows and pretzels and cereal, I'm thinking it won't be very tasty. When she was told she couldn't bring those, she asked about bringing cherries. Again, nix that. How about frozen peas she wondered. Okay really kid, bring in some sugar and call it a day. Finally she decided on Golden Grahams cereal as they are just like mini graham crackers. Now, my kid is by no means a health food junkie, but she eats healthy. Sure she will kill anyone that steps near her Hershey's bar, but for the most part, the girl likes her veggies and fruits and just assumes that everyone else enjoys them as much as she does. So we settled on the cereal and it's all counted and ready to go.

The second dilemma we faced was what she was going to wear. It is also Spirit Day at her school. The theme is sports. She wanted to wear her Cubs jersey. For the life of me, I can not find that damned shirt anywear. God only knows what has happened to it. So we settled on the Bears jersey. Then she drops the bomb shell....she needs to WEAR 100 of something. I find this out the night before it has to happen. Not that I would have been able to construct or assemble anything really cool cause I am just not that crafty. I asked her if she wanted 100 braids in her hair and she looked at me like I was a lunatic!! So then we tried to glue 100 candy hearts on a ribbon (left overs from the valentine's day candy) and that failed miserably. I would have strung them, but have you ever tried to puncture a hole in those stupid candies? Futile. I had a very depressed child, but one who was putting on her game face and telling me it was fine and no big deal. Which in Caitlynese means "I can't believe my mom can't make me anything of 100 to wear and I am going to be the only kid without it tomorrow." So I was on the hunt and finally came across a string of beads that had.....are you ready.....103 beads on it(yes, I counted them, I was desperate damn it). I told her there were 100. She'll never know the difference.

So tomorrow I will have a really sugared up child and baggies of crap. Which will add up to thousands of piles of crap because each baggie will contain no less than 100 pieces of crap. Yay me :)

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Kristin said...

I don't know who you are but you crack me up and I can sooooo relate. Accept that I would also be having nasty thoughts about how my husband always get's the easy tasks as I was gluing the 100 hearts. If Caitlyn is half as entertaining as you it won't matter if all she eats is plum tomatos! Best to you and Cailtyn - Kristin