Thursday, January 24, 2008

Off to the doctor tomorrow!

At about 12:30 today, I got a voice mail from Caitlyn's school. They said that she was complaining about her stomach hurting her. When I called back 15 minutes later (after coming out of a school and getting the message)they had already sent her back to her class. I asked if she had a fever or if she looked sick. The lady I was talking to wasn't sure because she wasn't in there when Cate came in. But she assured me that if she did have a fever, they wouldn't have sent her back to class. So I told them that she could probably stick it out the rest of the day. But if she came in again complaininng, to call me and I would come and pick her up.

I didn't get another call, but decided to pick her up from school so that I could have a quick chat with her teacher. She told me that once Cate came back from the office, she was fine for the rest of the afternoon. She also reassured me that there is nothing different going on in the classroom and that Caitlyn hasn't been acting any different since I mentioned this little problem to her. But I asked her to still keep an eye out for any weird behavior. She also wanted to know if Caitlyn was complaining about this at home as well. Which she is. When we got home, I discovered that she again had left everything in her lunch box because she said her stomach was hurting too much to eat. But then she was famished and couldn't stop eating.

So the more I think about it, the more I am thinking that there may actually be something going on medically. Before I picked her up from school, I called the ped's office and got her an appointment for 11 tomorrow morning. And now I am totally freaked out that it could be something more than her just trying to get attention :(

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a very tired mommy said...

Hope it all went well today! It's tough when you're afraid that something's going on, but aren't sure....