Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October Fun

Caitlyn says that she doesn't enjoy fall or winter and that summer is her favorite season. However, everytime fall rolls around, I find her having so much fun with all of the things that we do.

Every year, my best friend and her children, and some of her extended family, and Caitlyn and I head to the Morton Arboretum. It is so pretty there in the fall. And they have so many things for kids to do there. It's a fantastic place. After that, we all trek over to Sonny Acres Farm so that we can enjoy some carnival rides and really greasy food. Sometimes we will also get our pumpkins there, but not usually as they are so much more expensive there than they are at, say, Dominick's.

This year we went earlier in the year than we normally do. We did this mainly because when we go later in the year, when we can really enjoy the Arboretum and the colors of all of the leaves changing, it is much (much) colder outside. This year, it was a beautiful day. Which meant the kids could really run around and enjoy themselves. Rather than trekking though the rain and the wind and the freezing cold.

Here are some fabulous pics of the day:

The maze

All the kids navigating the maze

Some of the "gyms" they have in the Children's Garden (which is a fantastic place!)

Climbing the rocks

This little activity of jumping on the rocks in the pond didn't last too long as I knew if any kid was going to fall in, it would be mine.

In front of the 1000 pound pumpkin

Cate and Kely being silly

The swings

Pony Rides

And finally, Auntie Gina acting like a complete ass to get the kids to laugh.

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a very tired mommy said...

How much fun is that? :)

And ESPRIT has made a comeback! hehe brings back memories of drooling over the clothes in the Seventeen mags.....

My first degree black belt comes next October....