Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have my husband back

And Caitlyn has her father back. Football season here in our house has come to an end. Unfortunately, Matt's team lost in the second game of the playoffs.

Caitlyn couldn't be happier that he is coming home right after work these days. The two of them spent the day together on Saturday. They cleaned his car and took it to the car wash. Then they went to the mall and had Sbarro, which is Caitlyn's favorite pizza and did some shopping. She managed to score a Webkinz for herself while there too ;) She promptly convinced me to get her going on the computer and set up this little gadget. Which I have to say really is very neat for her.

We are gearing up for Halloween here. Caitlyn is going to be a cheerleader from High School Musical. It's nice that she picked something so simple this year. Mainly because the kids aren't allowed to wear their costumes to school in the morning now. They can bring them in a bag and put them on in the afternoon for the parites and parade. If she had decided to go with one of the elaborate princess get ups that she usually picks, I'm certain she would not have been able to get all of it on by herself. This costume is simply a dress that goes right over her head. Nice and simple.

Work is busy for me these days. It seems that it's all I think about most nights when I lay down to go to sleep. So I really need to stop doing that. I am even having dreams about it. There have been a couple of issues with parents and the girl that I replaced. Which have lead to some pretty interesting discusssions with my coordinators and other teachers.

That's about all that's gone on here in the last few weeks. Seems I don't have much to blog about these days.

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