Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Caitlyn is so excited about today. This kid really loves Halloween. This year she is dressing up as a cheerleader from High School Musical and is way excited about the pom poms.

Every year a bunch of my friends meet up at my house and we Trick or Treat together for about 3 hours. That's a lot of candy!! What I usually do is stop back at home every so often and dump the candy that she has gotten into the bowl of candy that we are giving out. The candy is then recycled to the other kids who come to our door. Is that wrong?? I just think that the amount of candy that kids recieve on Halloween is obscene. So any measures I can take to allow less candy consumed, thereby lessening the number of cavities, is a good thing in my eyes. Hopefully none of my neighbors read this, otherwise my poor kid will get royally screwed this year :P

I will post pictures before the weekend of the girl in her get up....which if I must say, looks absolutely adorable on her.

Caitlyn is sick for the first time this year. It seems that she is always sick on Halloween. Last year, she ended up puking on someone's lawn and having at least 2 messy accidents in her pants. I remember as a kid I was always sick on Thanksgiving. And it seems that Caitlyn is following suit by being sick from Halloween up through Thanksgiving. I loaded her up on meds last night so that she would get a really good rest and plan on doing the same tonight. She is also complaining that her throat hurts her, which she has never really complained about. Hopefully it's just a run of the mill average cold that won't lead into anything more. We don't want any repeats of being in the ER like we were last year for a cough so bad that the poor kid couldn't catch her breath. Keep your fingers crossed!

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