Monday, August 06, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth!

And that it certainly was!! Disney was awesome with Caitlyn. She is absolutely the perfect age for it. She truly believes that all of the princesses are real, though she knows that the characters are just people in costumes.

Tuesday morning we woke bright and early and all packed and ready to go. Of course, because we were at the airport with plenty of time (one of the pitfalls of being married to Matt), our flight was delayed. It was delayed because of a mechanical problem. So I guess I am grateful for the delay, otherwise we would have been flying in a broken plane. I can see several issues with that. Then when we arrived in Orlando, we had to sit on the runway because there was a terrible storm. The rain wasn't the cause for our sitting, but the lightening was. Apparently, they don't send the little cars out to pull the planes in when there is lightening. Learn something new every day. Needless to say, anything I had planned for our afternoon there was shot to hell.

Instead of going anywhere when we were finally able to check into the hotel, we decided to just peruse the hotel grounds. Which were absolutely fab! About 5 minutes into our walk, Caitlyn said she was really tired and started complaining that she missed home? Yes folks, she missed home. Naturally this threw up a red flag for me as she has been anticipating this trip for quite some time. So I decided to feel her armpit to see if she had a fever. And of course she did. Cause Caitlyn suffers from what we kindly refer to as "state line disease." The minute the child crosses the Illinois state line, she gets sick. So I ran to the gift shop and bought some Motrin. I didn't have a thermometer there, so I had to guestimate her temp. I would say it was around 100 or 101. Motrin given and sleep began. I was hopeful that she would be much better the next morning since that wass when we were scheduled to have breakfast with the princesses.

The following morning, she still had the fever. But we went to the breakfast anyway. Normally, I would keep her in bed. However, you have to schedule the silly thing at least 3 months in advance. So we wouldn't have been able to get another reservation for the time we were there. After getting there, she perked up some and had a good time chatting it up with the ladies.

After that, we continued to tour Epcot. We went on the space shuttle ride (the name escapes me right now) and it scared the piss out of my child. It was way too loud and too real looking and I think she really thought that damn shuttle was going to crash since that was what was being simulated. After that, she enjoyed all of the rest of the rides that we went on. Around dinner, we decided to head back to the hotel to enjoy the pool some. But in true Florida fashion, and Walsh luck, it poured down rain once we got back. Which wasn't too horrible since the damn fever was back. So it was Motrin and sleep for the girl again.

The following morning, it was raining something terrible. But my girl the trooper was willing to throw on a poncho and head to the Magic Kingdom. Since all she really wanted to see the entire trip were the princesses and the castle, she wasn't going to miss the opportunity. And she was amazing!! Despite the rain and thunder and uncomfortable poncho, this child went on every single ride she could and waited in every single line to meet every character she could. It finally stopped raining mid to late afternoon, so we could disrobe the ponchos. The most exciting thing that happened while we were there was when she got to ride on the carousel on a horse next to Mary Poppins. As we were walking on, I pointed her out to Cate and she came right up to her and asked if Caitlyn would like to ride with her. It was so great for Caitlyn. And they sat on their horses and chatted the entire ride.

We ended up being there 12 hours and surprisingly enough, she never needed a stroller there! I couldn't believe how much she walked and ran and never once complained about the weather or the walking. To try and ward off the fever, I gave her some Motrin before bed. It worked....a little. She still had a slight fever the next morning, but nothing too terrible.

On Friday, we finally had sun. And lots of it! It was hot and humid. And I must say, I think I preferred the rain as it cooled things down some and kept some of the crowds away from the parks. We headed to MGM studios so that we could see just a few things there. I knew there wouldn't be much there for her to enjoy, but the few things that were there, I knew she would absolutely love. She got to dance in the High School Musical Pep Rally, which made her day. She got to dance with the Playhouse Disney characters. And she got to eat lunch at Toy Story's Pizza Planet. For a 6 year old, these are rather exciting!! However, as we were eating lunch, she told me that her teeth were hurting her. Then the whole fever and crumminess became very clear to me. My poor girlie decided to get her 6 year molars this very week.

Not only were her gums killing her, but she had a very loose tooth in the front. The second of the 2 front teeth. So she couldn't bite into things, nor could she chew on anything in the back. So I was glad that I was giving her the Motrin as it was helping with the fever as well as the pain.

We weren't able to do much Saturday, except for touring the hotel grounds that we never got to earlier in the week, because the bus was taking up to the airport around noon. Caitlyn slept the entire plane ride home. And all she kept talking about in the cab from the airport was how happy she was to be home and how she couldn't wait to sleep in her own bed. I guess there really is no place like home even for a 6 year old!

So all in all a fantastic trip. And I came home to the best present my mom could ever give me. She paid her neighbor who is a cleaning lady to come and clean my house. I think the damn thing is cleaner than when we bought it. It was so wonderful to come home and have nothing to do but unpack and lounge around! My mom rocks!!!

Pictures to follow after I get them from the camera ;)

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