Friday, July 27, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss

The other day Caitlyn was playing on the computer. She was on a website that I had never visited with her before. So while she was on it, I was sitting at the dining room table watching her from behind. Just to make sure that there wasn't anything crazy on it. It was a Nickelodeon website, so I was fairly certain that it was okay, but I am that parent that thinks way too many kids are on the internet unsupervised.

So the site that she was on, she was creating a character for. She had to choose the color of her eyes and hair, etc. Then came the part to choose her skin color. And I watched her kind of go through the choices, not sure which one to pick. Finally she looked at me and said...

"Mom, what color is my skin?"

I replied that it was a pinkish, peach, white color.

She chose the color accordingly. And went about playing the game.

I was truly stunned by this. Not because she didn't know what color her own skin was. But by the fact that she obviously doesn't see any significant difference in her skin color to many of the other skin colors they had as options. I know that prejudice is a learned behavior. Kids generally learn it from their parents. And I had thought that by 6 years old, Caitlyn would have realized that her skin is white and not brown or yellow or whatever other color. I feel great knowing that to her, her skin seems no different that the spanish child she goes to school with or the asain child she plays with.

I can only hope that she maintains this ignorance for many years to come. But unfortunately, I know that isn't possible.

We are off for the lake again today. We come home on Sunday and then head out for Disney on Tuesday. I will have to do a few posts when I return of nothing but pictures. (Not type at all, equivalent to not speaking???? Truly that will be a feat for me;))

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Angela said...

I love that girl Nancy...she's one amazing kiddo -- and guess what, that means you are one amazing momma!!!! Seriously, it shows :)