Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gingivitis and a broken toe

That's what's happening in the world of the Walshes these days. Odd combination, I know. Caitlyn had the gingivitis and I broke my toe yesterday morning.

When we were on vacation, Caitlyn started to get her 6 year molars. At least I thought that was when it started. I decided that she needed to be seen by the dentist on Wednesday night when I was brushing her teeth and there was way more blood than I thought there should be. And it wasn't just her gums by the new molars bleeding, it was all around her mouth. When the dentist looked at her, she was so glad that I brought her in when I did. It would appear that I had every reason in the world to be concerned with what her mouth looked like.

Apparently, the molars, or the gums around her molars, started to hurt her about a month ago. Because of that, Caitlyn must not have been brushing very well. This caused a raging case of gingivitis in her mouth. My poor baby must have been aching for so long :( She ended up having a deep cleaning that day and returning this past Tuesday for a second one. We weren't sure if she was going to need a third, however, luckily, we nipped it in the bud at the right time. Mind you, Caitlyn had her last cleaning May 10th. In that short amount of time, things went completely crazy in her mouth. But we are back on track now and don't have to go back until her next scheduled cleaning in December. Or sooner if things get nuts again.

Now the broken toe....this is the second time this stupid toe of mine has broken. The first time was when I had shingles back in December of 2004. Fun times, fond memories :) I woke up for work yesterday and was a bit groggy. I have been aiding sleep with some benadryl because I have not needed to fall asleep at a decent hour in many weeks. SO I kind of stumbled as I got out of bed. Well, I guess I didn't kind of stumble, I really stumbled. Smacking my toe right on the leg of the suitcase that was sitting next to my bed that hasn't made it's way down to the basement. I thought I had just stubbed it and got in the shower. When I got out and was getting dressed I realized that it was still hurting. I looked down to find a swollen and starting to bruise toe. Fun!

This week is new teacher orientation at work and things are going well. It seems that in this district things are going to be in full swing right away. Which I think is a good thing. There is a lot to learn and figure out on my part. However, the girl who is there to help me has been truly wonderful and will be a fabulous asset to me all year. Fingers crossed I won't need to be counting down the days to Christmas break from the get go ;)

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Angela said...

You broke your toe?!?! OMG! I am so sorry. I hope work goes well -- and there's nothing wrong with counting down!