Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Only 2 more days of school for the girl. And only 5 more days of school for me. Turns out I am taking the pay cut and the change in positions. After much mulling and thought provoking conversations with my husband, we (I) decided that I need my summers off now more than ever.

I went into teaching not only because I wanted to teach and work with special needs children, but because I wanted those summer vacations and winter and spring breaks. Well, almost 10 years into teaching, it turns out I have only ever had one summer off and a nice long stint last summer. For my mental health, the mental health of my employers, and the mental health of the students and parents I work with, it is imperative that I start taking the summers off.

Now I know that many of you don't get nearly as much vacation as you need. And really why should I be whining when technically I can take about 6 weeks off in the summer right? I always give the same answer...I went to school knowing that I would have the summers off and you could have done the same thing. That's the bitchy answer. The more thought out and personable answer is that ....well I guess there isn't really one. I could say that it's because I work my ass off most of the school year and I deserve it. But I know plenty of you that do as well. So that wouldn't be a fair argument either. It always goes back to that idea of I went to school knowing full well that this was a perk of the career.

Anywho...10 more days until the girl's birthday. Makes me want to scream. How in the hell did she get to be 5?? Where was I when this transpired???

My friend Beth wrote a little something on her website about all the things that she remembers about her boys birth and NICU hiatus. It is very well written. And I am going to completely steal her idea and write one of my own. Not tonight of course as it is nearing 11:30 and I need to get some sleep at some point. But it will be coming. I think it is a good thing to do being I am so far removed from it now it seems. And I want Caitlyn to know what her first months were like....horrific as they were.

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a very tired mommy said...

good luck with getting to the end of the school year, chickie!

i went to school to be a teacher, but that so backfired on me....i suppose if i were suicidal, i could go back to teaching. but for now, i'll stick to working summers! ;)