Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's Official

I am the parent of a kindergarten child! I can't believe that. I'm not exactly sure where I was or what I was doing, but this child grew up without me really realizing it. I mean I knew she was getting bigger cause I was buying the larger size clothes and shoes. But Kindergarten???

She finished school last Wednesday and came home with a school supply list for next year and her report card. The list is funny. I think the part I giggled most about was the fact that they want a box of 24 crayons. Normal enough. But then it says to label EACH crayon with the child's name. That's going to be loads of fun for me. Anyone know where I can buy crayons that are labelled with the kid's name already on them? Cause I will stock up on those bad boys if they do in fact exist.

Now the report card. You may remember me mentioning that Caitlyn got marked down on her last report card because she couldn't dial 911. And I got that phone that called the police...and the pizza guy (poor poor pizza guy). And she can now call 911. However she appearently wouldn't do it fo rhte teacher, so it says that she hasn't mastered it. Maybe I will call the teachers voicemail and let Cate demonstrate her knowledge of dialing 911 as well as the pizza guy. That would most certainly prompt a call to children's services LOL. But overall her report card was wonderful. Still lagging in the gross and fine motor areas. Like I said before though, I am not to concerned with that as long as she is doing okay as far as her cognitive stuff goes. And she is doing great with that.

I finished work on Friday and am now done until August :) Which I couldn't be happier about. I already have my week off planned out. And of course very little of it actually revolves around me. Caitlyn has her 5 year check up and school physical on Tuesday. She is already trying to tell me that she is going to talk to the doctor about not getting any shots. To quote her, "Sometimes doctors say yes to kids right Mommy?" You keep telling yourself that and see how far you get :P I am also finishing up her birthday party stuff. This year, there is no theme? She had Bratz invites and has a plain white cake with a crown and wand on it. So pretty simple which is nice. It is going to be at Caesarland (which is the generic Chuck E Cheese). And she can't wait for it!

I am working on the list of things for Cate's NICU stay....but it is getting very long. So I am not sure that I am going to post all of it. But I have already printed out the list from the other day and put it in her baby book for her. I am also trying to convince Matt to do a list as well as his perspective on it is so different from mine. I think it will be such a wonderful thing for her to have when she is older. Mainly cause it is so very personal.

Okay, off to bed. Too late for me to be up. will post an update after the doctor. She hasn't been there in a while (6 months or so) so I am anxious to see how much my girlie weighs!

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