Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Appointment

After 5 calls from the doctor on MOnday and Tuesday morning, we made it to the doctor. And it was a fantastic appointment.

Caitlyn now weighs 36 pounds (up 3 pounds from last year) and is just over 44 inches tall (up pver 4 inches from last year). He is certain that she is going to be a tall tall girl ;) Her body mass index is 13. Which technically would put her as being underweight. He said that he would in no way classify her as underweight though. Tall and skinny, yes. Underweight, no. She is now in the 75th percentile (wow) for height and the 50th percentile (even more wow) for weight.

We got the go ahead that we no longer need to go to the eye specialist. He doesn't foresee anything more happening with her retinas as far as deterioration goes. They have recovered from the ROP and there would be no regression at this point. So if we feel the need to, we can just see a regular optometrist on a yearly basis. Or we could let the school do their screenings and if something comes up then we could contact the doctor for a referral to a specialist. So I am content with that for now.

Basically she got a clean bill of health and he is overly pleased with her growth and her progress. My little girlie has amazed them all once again ;)

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