Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The vacation has ended

It is true. Sadly. After 5 weeks of lounging and convinicing myself that I still had time to complete all of the things that I had not yet completed, my vacation has come to an end as of yesterday. Here's a quick recap of what "my summer vacation" consisted of:
1. sleeping until just about 10 am everyday
2. lounging around the house
3. doing laundry in the middle of the day when I had the energy to do so
4. going to the mall to shop in the early afternoon hours when the majority of the people there are over 50 years of age
5. having Caitlyn all to myself all day long (this was both a good and bad thing for both of us)
6. hanging out on mom's pool deck knowing that I didn't have to rush home to do anything or worry about getting home to get Cate to bed so that she wasn't cranky as hell in the morning
7. staying up until at least midnight or 1 am every night.

Now, there was some more productive things accomplished over the vacation. For example, I finally got around to printing up some of the pictures off of my camera's memory card. Mind you they have been on there since before we moved into our new house. Ummmm yeah, that was May of 2004. So yes, it has been a really large task. I also managed a small vacation with some of my girlfriends. We ended up in Twin Lakes Wisconsin for the Country Thunder event. Basically this is the Woodstock of country music. 5 days to myself and my friends, pure bliss. Other than that, there really wasn't much more accomplished other than the mundane tasks of everyday living that I was able to complete without being so damn tired after a full day of working.

It was horrible waking up yesterday, horrible leaving Caitlyn, and horrible working all day. But I figured as long as I am able to get through that first day back, the rest will be gravy right?


This morning was even worse. I woke up 33 minutes later than normal. So that automatically sets you off on the wrong foot. Luckily Cate was still asleep when I left so I didn't have that hurdle to jump again. However, when I stopped for gas, well let's just say that the owner of the station will be receiving a call from myself tonight. I am pissed off enough that I have to pay around $2.60 per gallon as it is, then to have it spew all over my hand is enough to send me into a tail spin. I calm down and enter the station and ask if I can use the restroom to wash my hands. Now clearly it is evident why I am needing to wash my hands. Not is my hand shining from all of the gas on it, but I stink to high heaven now because of it. The gentleman, who is on the phone thoroughly engaged in his own life, tells me that I can't use the private restroom that they have due to insurance reasons. Now correct me if I am wrong, but if I happen to pass out or die from the smell of the fumes on my hand, how would their insurance company feel about a lawsuit?? I am thinking allowing me to use the sink is the wiser of the 2 choices. But the man stands firm in his decision and offers me a towel to wipe my hands. Ever had gas on you??? A towel really isn't going to cut it. Now completely enraged I know that I must think quickly. I must piss this man off more than he has managed to piss me off. AHA!!!

I go to one of the shelves (it's one of those quick mart stations) and pick up a bottle of Dawn dish detergant that is for sale. Walk over to the Soda fountain and begin washing my hands using the water that so slyly comes out of the back of one of the pops. At this, the other patrons in the station begin snickering. One of them even said through his giggles, you really should have just let her use the bathroom. When I am done and I am sure that there is only a trace of the scent of gasoline on my hands, I walk to the counter and hand him back his dish soap, thank him kindly, and tell him that the owner will hear from me.

So I am thinking that this week can't can worse....right???? It can't and if I keep saying to myself over and over (and over) again, I will eventually start to believe it.

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Cath said...

Good for you. What a complete pr&&k!! I'm so glad you did what you did. Would have loved to have seen the look on his face lol!
Hope you did ring them!

Glad you enjoyed your vacation, sounds like you had a blast. it really sucks going back to work though. Hope it's all gravy for you now :D