Monday, August 15, 2005

She hates babies

Yeah, so that's a pretty harsh statement. But it is exactly what she told me last night as we were sitting on the couch watching some TV. Caitlyn is always telling people that she wants me to have another baby, and of course it must be a girl, there will be NO little brothers according to her plan. She has even gone so far as to tell people that I currently have a baby in my belly. So last night's comments were a shock to say the least.

I said to her that it wasn't nice to say that she hated babies, there is no reason to hate them afterall. And she replies:

"But they cry all the time and give me a headache." (hello child, welcome to the nightmare that is one of your tantrums)

So I then say that if she hates babies, what would happen if mommy had another baby, would she hate it?

"No mommy. I only hate other people's babies."

I tell her that it's really not a nice thing to say. Babies can't help it if they cry, that's really all they know how to do. Well, cry and shit.

"Mommy, stop asking me questions abotu babies. I'm just crabby and don't want to talk about it."

Alrighty then, enough said.


Cath said...

Are you sure she isn't really 24 Nancy?? She sure has a wise head on those shoulders! lol

Nancy said...

I always tell people that she is just way too mature for her own well being....and they all laugh cause of course she doesn't say these things in front of others.