Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Have you ever fallen into the toilet?

Caitlyn did last night. For those of you who have seen my little girlie, she is skinny, and has a skinny little butt. We are working on staying dry throughout the night and not wearing a pull up anymore. She has done so very well and has made me awfully proud. Well every night before she gets into bed, I tell her to try going pee. Last night she was being goofy and acting silly as she was walking. She enters the bathroom still being silly with me, I turn on the running water as it helps the process along, and caitlyn gets herself up on the potty.

Mom hears a scream, looks down, the kid is folded in half inside the toilet screaming.

Yes I proceed to laugh my ass off as I am pulling her out of the toilet. She is now crying hysterical and I am certain that ALL progress we have made with staying dry through the night as well as the day are surely "down the toilet." I calm her down and tell her that it is okay and she stops crying.

Here's where Caitlyn went wrong. As she was being goofy, she forgot to put on the little Elmo seat that fits on top of the larger toilet seat enabling her to sit comfortably.

Again, I replay the event in my head and start laughing hysterically. To which, Caitlyn begins laughing as well. We call Dad upstairs and she relives the funny experience to him as well.

Off to bed we go, but first, I need her to pee. I tell her to try before going to bed. She marches in the bathroom and screams, "I am not going to forget my Elmo seat this time because my butt is too small and it will fall into the water again."

She pees and is off to bed with a dry butt.

(Side note, 4th night in a row that she has managed to stay dry throughout the night...woooohoooo for us!)


Cath said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! How funny is that. I'm sure I would have pee'd if i had been there!

So pleased Miss C is staying dry now. I pray it continues!!

worry woman said...

YEAH!!! = ) Man, it was a happy day for me when I didn't have to go down the diaper asile anymore!

That "falling in" thing, yeah, it happened to me. I was 19 and my sister had a guy over and he didn't put the lid down, OR FLUSH! So needless to say I was showering and bitching at 3 AM...I know how she felt! Poor thing.

Shelley said...

ROFLMAO she's a funny kid! Hope the dry nights continue!