Friday, April 01, 2005

Spring Break (yeah miserable)

Caitlyn and I have had a relatively good break together, with time out for the ocassional fight that we have. She has still gone to school everday for the most part though, and far be it from me to stop that desire when it gives me time to sit on my ass and play literati and pool all damn day.

On Easter, we had some family over in the evening. Uncle Bobby and Auntie Donna brought their wedding pictures over so that we could look at them and of course spends insane amounts of money on pictures that never make it into frames. Naturally, looking at the pictures prompted mine and Matt's wedding pictures to come out of a box in the basement. Caitlyn had a ball looking at mommy in the pretty dress and loved naming all of the people that she saw in the pictures. On a side note, it is unbelievable how many people have died since my wedding. All of the sudden, Cate puts on her sad face and starts to whimper. When I ask her why, she can barely make out the words to tell me. After probing her, she tells me "But I wanted to be in the wedding with you and be the flower girl."

So maybe when Matt and I have been married umpteen years and we decide to renew our vows, I will grant this child her wish and gussy her up in a silly dress and force her to be a flower girl in the ceremony.

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Cath said...

Great idea. Dave an I have thought about renewing wedding vows in yrs to come so Corey can be there. I think its a swell idea!