Saturday, April 16, 2005

I need to buy her more toys

If you have ever seen the amount of toys in my house, you would swear I ran a daycare (but there is only one Zookeeper :P). Caitlyn's Easter bags filled with goodies that she got are still sitting in my living room as I have not yet put all of the crap away. So inside the bags, there are some plastic eggs. SOme are filled with candy and others are filled with change. These were acquired at Aunty Mary's house during an egg hunt sponsored by Aunty Krissy. So Caitlyn has recently discovered these little treasures. She can often be found sitting in a corner chowing on some candy that she is not supposed to have...and knowing that she isn't supposed to be eating it.

Today, she was playing with them as though they she were in a mariachi band. It was quite cute to see her dancing around the living room with them singing some song in spanish...courtesy of Dora. SHe then starts opening the ones that have money in them since I told her she is not allowed to eat any candy until she decides to actually consume some type of food that has ANY nutritional value in it. She comes up to me with the change from one of the eggs and starts putting it in my hand. There is a total of less than $1.00 in the egg. She suddenly gets very excited about giving me money (a change around this house). She says to me with the brightest eyes you could ever imagine...

"I'm going to give you lots of money cause you NEED to buy me more toys."


Cath said...

Same dilemma, not enough room for the toys. Maybe we SHOULD open a Zoo like Steph :D

a very tired mommy said...

of course you need to buy her more toys! ROFL

and if you opened a zoo like me, you would need to buy a bigger house like me! lol