Friday, April 08, 2005

The grass is thirsty

Caitlyn got a new raincoat and umbrella from Grandma Lynda. And of course they have the proncesses on them. Well she has been waiting and waiting so very patiently for it to rain so that she can wear the coat and carry the umbrella. Two days this week, it was supposed to rain and looked like it was going to. So I dragged the coat and umbrella to school so that she would have them to wear in case it did rain. No such luck. If anything, it became warmer and brighter than it was in the morning. I told her that the minute it starts to rain, if it is warm enough, then she and I will go for a walk and I will even wear my new raincoat. This really excited her, so she is constantly looking out the window now and asking me if it is going to rain this day so that we can go for a walk in it. And I feel so bad when I have to apologize to her for it being almost 80 and sunny!

Today as we were leaving for school, Caitlyn was telling me about how it was never going to rain and she was never going to get to wear her new raincoat and she will never get to use her new umbrella.....can you say drama queen???? Then of course, she begins to cry, because that is what 3 1/2 year old girls do best I am learning. When I ask her what on earth she is upset about, she is very cleaar in her answer:

"It has to rain mommy because the grass and trees are thirsty I just know they are."

So maybe her wanting rain really has nothing at all to do with the vanity of wearing her new stuff, maybe she is more ecologically aware than I thought.....yeah right!!! She wants to be the princess and could care less if the grass and trees gets the water or not :P

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