Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Who runs this blog anyway??  It seems that I have passed the phase in my life that compelled me to blog.  Additionally, most of the blogs that I followed seem to have suffered the same fate.  I was hopeful that it was only me that it happened to.  However, when I come back here to check on people that I follow, it seems they are no longer updating their blogs either. When I see that, I wonder if people are thinking the same thing about my blog, for the handful of followers that I had.  Do they log on hoping to hear an update on Caitlyn...or me?

I want to say that I will be better about blogging and that I will go back to blogging faithfully on a daily/bi-daily basis.  But I can't make that promise.  But I want to come back to this.  I'm just not sure how?

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bioniclissa said...

Well i am already suscribed so i get a notification when you update! How is Caitlin doing? And you? I always update my blog but when there is no news i wont post