Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Blogger

I won't even try to catch up. Why bother? It would take me days to do it, then I would promise to blog more and in 4 months, I would just be playing catch up again. So I'm not even going to pretend.

We have a new blogger in the household....Caitlyn has decided that she wants to blog. I don't even know where she heard about it, but she is psyched! So we set her up with an account yesterday and are in the process of making it pretty. Now that she will be blogging, I guess I can't really say anything bad about her anymore =P

I'm excited about her blogging though. It will be interesting to watch how her posts change over time, much like all of ours have over the past years. The irony of her newest endeavor is that just 2 short years ago, she preached to me how much she HATED writing. And every time she had a writing assignment for school, it usually ended up with tears (I won't say which one of us was shedding those tears). And I try convincing her that because she loved to read so much, that she would naturally become a very good writer. Caitlyn, being Caitlyn, insisted that I was incorrect. Oh how I would love to look at her and give her the infamous "I told you so," but I will refrain...just this once though.

So a big welcome to the world of Blogging Caitlyn! Hopefully you will be more diligent about it than your mother has been!

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Colleen said...

her background is perfect for her it!