Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it June Yet?

I'm just wondering because I think I am done with the snow. Like I said, I generally really enjoy the winter. But I don't like all this snow that we are getting. This weekend we acquired about 7 inches. Up to 12 in some places. I have shoveled my arms off. I have pulled Caitlyn's sled more than I care to mention. And I have scraped my car off only to find it completely covered every time I come out of a store. So I am done. But Mother Nature is not.

It would seem that the strange amount of snow that Chicago has seen is not enough for the evil woman. We all know that when it comes to Mother Nature, she and I don't see eye to eye on things. I firmly believe that she has always had it in for me. Caitlyn's birth is a prime example of that, as are the events that transpired in the years after that child was born. So I know that she and I will never be fast friends. In her glee, she has pronounced that we may get up to another 9 inches of snow in the next couple of days. If you are no mathematician, I will assist you. That means there will be approximately 16 inches of snow in front of my house and about 21 inches of snow in the suburb in which I work.

Before you think I am a grouchy lady, I want the kids to have fun in the snow, I want to witness the beauty of a fresh fallen snow on the street. What I don't want to deal with are the idiot drivers (see previous post) and the snow once it is no longer freshly fallen and pretty. You know, when it turns into that grey, black, yucky slush stuff? I could do without those things.

There is a silver lining to all of this. (I am the eternal optimist.) This storm is supposed to hit between midnight and 9 AM. Should the weather men be predicting accurately (aren't they always?) this storm could peak during rush hour traffic. Now why is that a silver lining you ask? Because if it hits hard enough and at the right time, there is a snow day in my future. And we all know that is the real reason that I became a teacher. Well, that and summer vacation.

So please everyone, all 4 of you that read here, cross your fingers, toes, whatever and pray to whomever you care to that we get enough snow for a snow day.


Colleen said...

so did you get a snow day?????

Colleen said...

blog award for you!

Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

I do suspect you have more than 4 readers... I found you through Hallie's site and read you all the time. My daughter was born last May at 26 weeks, and since then, I've become fan of all blogs preemie. (I think I started reading around the time the "healthy snack" incident occurred.)
So have no fear, we are here...

crazed lunatic said...'re one funny lady... :) at least you have remote start! ;-)