Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Lucky Girl

Today Caitlyn received an award at an assembly at school. She received a POPS award, which stands for Power of Positive Student. She received it in the area of courage. They give a few of these out each quarter to the kids and they get a certificate and walk across the stage to get the certificate from the principal of the school. She was so so so thrilled to be getting this. And Matt and I couldn't be more proud of course ;)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the assembly. Normally, I can rearrange my schedule so that I see kids later in the day and then stay later in the afternoon to finish up what needs to be done in my office. However, this morning I had an annual review to attend. And it was for a "high profile" kid, so there was absolutely no way that I could miss it nor could I show up late. See, these parents insist on every single team member being there for pretty much the duration of the meeting, regardless of what they have to offer at the table. So my kiddo was devastated that I wouldn't be there.

In lieu of being at the assembly, I told her that we would go to Pizza Hut for dinner to celebrate when Matt got home from work. And we did just that. We are also going to buy a frame for the certificate and hang it in her room.

After dinner, we had to go to KMart to pick a few things up. While we were there (because those trips always turn into more than just running in and out for what we need) the girlie found $20.00 on the floor. This was right after she came running up to me all excited and squealing that it was her lucky day because she had found a dime. She came running up to me a second time waving something in the air and squealing again. Only this time she was waving a 20 dollar bill shouting,

"I have 21 cents now!!!"

Not exactly kid! But I think you're right about something....it must be your lucky day!

I start my classes on MOnday evening. I will be going on MOndys and Wednesdays from 6-9pm. So I will knock off 2 of the classes necessary for the LBS endorsement. Once those are out of the way, June 15th, the university can sign off on the emergency certificate form, and the district can then apply for it. I have been reassured by the district that once those classes are finished, they will be applying for said certificate. I can't do anything but have blind faith that they are telling me the truth. Fingers crossed!

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a very tired mommy said...

good luck with your classes!

and congrats to Caitlyn on her good fortunes! One very deservedly earned, and one just lucky as hell! :)

hope you guys are well!