Monday, November 19, 2007

Rotten Egg Blue??

We all know Caitlyn is learning to read. And I have seen her really attempt to implement several strategies in order to decipher a word. Typically, "sounding out" really works for her. The other day she tried the strategy of looking at the first and last letter and guessing what the word is. (not really a strategy, but I think that is exactly what did)

Scene: Caitlyn on the living room floor coloring a picture for Mrs. Carson.

Caitlyn: I'm going to color this blue Mom.

Mom: I think that will look very pretty. What blue are you going to use?

Caitlyn: (with crayon in her hand, looking at the paper wrap on the crayon) "Rotten egg blue."

Mom: I think it says "Robin Egg Blue."

Caitlyn: Yeah, I guess a color with rotten in it wouldn't be too pretty.


a very tired mommy said...

ROFLOL!!! too cute!

Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Angela said...

If you're anything like us, that name will stick from now

Ask me about Roast Beast sometime... :P

abby said...

Hah! Very funny!