Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Report Card

This school year has started out so much better than last year. Last year we (read I) had so many issues with the teacher, that I think it effected Caitlyn's performance. That aside, the teacher was a complete imbecile when it came to consistency with behavior plans and completely sucked at communication. Her skills in that arena were awful!! That aside, she was a phenommenal reading teacher. That was her only saving grace in my eyes. Caitlyn has developed a foundation that I know will make her an excellent reader because of the skills that she was taught by that teacher.

You may remember that last year I posted about Caitlyn's report cards and how the teacher gave her checks for talking and paying attention. Every quarter. In kindergarten. To say I was pissed off was an understatement. Especially when I had a conference with the teacher and her only explanation for the difference in what the report card stated versus what the behavior charts sent home daily stated was "They are two separate things." Um. No. They really aren't.

However, this year is so much different. Caitlyn received no checks at all. As a matter of fact, she received a ribbon for receiving excellent marks in conduct. Now, I know kids mature in this arena and they develop an understanding of what is expected of them as far as behavior is concerned. But how is it possible that she went from getting no less than 2 checks per reporting period to zero? Forgive me, but I doubt that she matured that much over one summer. It only confirms the idea that the teacher last year was a complete and utter moron.

On to the grades.....
Reading: B
Listening Standards: A
Speaking Standards: A
Mathematics Standards: B
Science Standards: A
Social Science Standards: A
Art Standards: A
Music Standards: A
Learning Technology (computer): A
Handwriting: B

The teacher had nothing negative to say about Caitlyn.

I couldn't be more proud of my little lady. And she is so very proud of herself.

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DMaud said...

Congratualtions to you Nancy. I appaul your efforts as a caring parent. Regardless of what teachers say about our children; we have to continue loving, nuturing and supporting them. From Caitlyn's report card, anyone can see that she is a brillant child. Keep up the good work and pray for Caitlyn's teacher. a comment on my blog would be welcome or you can visit my site at Thanks