Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The first night in the bed

Well, I think it went pretty well. We have hardwood floors throughout the house, so every single noise can be heard. For about 45 minutes after Caitlyn got into bed, I could hear her getting in and out of the bed. Seems to me that she thinks needing the step stool for it really is a load of fun. But she managed to stay in there all night until about 6am. Then she made her way into bed with me for the remainder of the time that we had left to sleep...all 60 minutes of it. But that is something that she has always done. Seems she has a radar that lets her know that Matt is out of the bed and she needs to fill that space LOL.

We are having a splendid time on Spring Break, despite the fact that we don't have it at the same time. The nice thing about having it at different times is that I get a couple of hours in the morning to run errands and just hang out by myself. And I really enjoy that, since it's something that I don't get much. The one major downfall, is that I don't get to sleep in at all cause I have to be up to get her ready and off to school. But she is off on Friday, so I will that day :)

Tomorrow she has her spring pictures at school and she is wearing the cutest yellow dress. (I know I am biased, but really, she is so darn cute in it.) So when those come in, I will throw them up here for your viewing pleasure. After I pick her up and run her home to get changed, we are going to hang out and the mall. Now she wants to pull some money out of her piggy bank and buy herself some Hello Kitty posters. So I told her that we would go to Claire's and she could pick out some HK stuff for her room. We'll probably eat there as well...cause that's what Americans do, shop and ruin their credit and over indulge on mall food making them obese. But that is a post for another time I suppose LOL

And I finally got the canopy up. With no help from Matt I might add. He refused to put a hook in the ceiling. We have plaster walls and that makes hanging anything much more difficult. So I ran to Walgreens (firstly for the cream to help cure the itching issue I have going on) and picked up one of those 3M hooks that are sticky. Not sure if that's going to hold it up there, but we'll see. If it doesn't then I will just hang the damn hook up there myself and not even tell him. Chances are he wouldn't notice it until she moves out of the bedroom anyway.


Kari said...

Cant wait to see the spring pics! Glad you got the canopy up! Pictures please!

Cath said...

YAY, the girl did good. Can't wait to see her Spring pictures

worry woman said...

HAHAHAHAA! Get a stud finder and you can be sure that you won't have any problems with the hook...the 3m things have given me fits before, but I think I put them up wrong...I am VERY good at nailing crap into a wall though! Matt won't notice until she moves out, too damn funny