Saturday, July 16, 2005

3 hours of my life...wasted!

I am one of those parents that has my child's picture taken every year. I love to compare pictures of her from way back when and see how much she has changed and grown in the last few years. We go to Kiddie Kandids, through Babies R Us, because you don't need an appointment, you get your pictures within 5 minutes of having them taken, and most importantly, they are not horribly expensive. Okay, I will confess that part of the reason that they aren't terribly expensive is because I buy a few sheets of the different poses and come home and scan them in and print out more. Illegal? Absolutely. But I am not willing to pay through my ass for pictures of my own kid. I should own the copyright to them, not Kiddie Kandids.

Anyway, the pictures came out beautiful. But when the subject is Caitlyn, how can it not be right :P They will be sent to me via email, so whichever comes first, the email or my scanning, I will be sure to post them afterwards.

So why you ask was this a huge waste of my time. Very simple, the people in front of me with 2 children had absolutely NO condiseration for the people behind them. They took NO LESS that an hour and 45 minutes to take pictures. Then to choose which ones they wanted....well that process was almost 30 minutes. Now typically this whole process shouldn't take more than an hour. With one child, it takes me about 20 minutes to take the pics and maybe 15 to pick the ones that I want. Before going in, I know precisely how many sheets I plan on ordering so that all I have to do is pick out the poses I want. And when they try to sell me the t-shirts, mugs, aprons, and all the other crap with my kids picture on it I simply decline. There is no need to mull that over and debate whether or not I need a hot pad with Caitlyn's picture on it.

SO the reason that I am so aggravated with this whole process is because of the ignorance of the people ahead of me. Not to mention the fact that it is Saturday and you would think that there would be more than one person working at the damn place so that while one employee is taking pictures, the other can be with the previous photo subjects deciding on what packages they want. Eventually, I walked my child up to the area and sat her down posing her on my own so that they would get the hint that there were other people there ready to take pictures...bitchy? Why yes, I'll take 2 please.


Cath said...

Some people just think of themselves and are inconsiderate where other people are concerned. Sorry you had to wait so long! Defo worth waiting for though!!

worry woman said...

HOW CUTE IS SHE! She looks like a little princess!

That is why I only take pic's myself-well and I can't afford it!!!