Friday, May 27, 2005

I am just right

So Caitlyn is sick again, but not so horribly. I am thinking that it is a simple little cough and cold with a slight fever. Nothing serious this time. So she has pretty much lounged on the couch the majority of the day, except for the portion of it that we were at a Matinee viewing Madagascar. Which I might add is a really funny movie for adults. I get such a laugh out of the fact that there is so much adult humor in these movies that children just aren't privvy to.

So this evening after I wake Caitlyn up from her nap at about 6 pm (I know, late, but I was busy yakking with Shelley, so it must be her fault), she decided that she wanted to watch Mulan. I put on the movie and of course she gets nervous about whether or not it is going to be scary. See we are going through this phase where she wigs out at monsters and withces and such. Unfortunately, in all of the princess movies there is a nemesis that resembles one of those very things. So she asks me if I will be a snuggle bunny on the couch with her. (I know, cutsey little phrases like that are what make me a mommy.) Naturally I agree, as I jump at the chance of her asking to cuddle since the instances are so few and far between.

So I climb onto one end of the couch and she tells me that she wants me to lie behind her so that we can share her pillow. Not wanting to upset the girl, but knowing that I don't have a very wide couch, I oblige. As I am trying to wiggle my way in there are not push all 30 pounds of her off the couch and keep the blanket on us, I say to her, "I think mommy is too fat to lay behind you." And of course this angelic child of mine (I say that now cause she has made me happy, see what I call her tomorrow when she is driving me insane) says to me,

"Mommy you are not fat, you are just right."

Diets...who needs em! Just get yourself a beautiful little girl that will tell you you are perfect and you will feel like Cindy Crawford!

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