Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Different Twist

So I am always posting about something that Caitlyn says that makes me laugh or embarrasses me or angers me to the point of no return. I thought today that I would post some of the things that she always says on a regular basis...they have almost become those little something specials between her and I. All of these things that she says to me are things that must make my heart melt knowing that she doesn't say them to anyone but me.

1. After bath time, I hold Caitlyn up and look in the mirror with her. I ask, "Who is my clean baby?" Her reply, "Caitlyn Mackenzie Walsh." Before she could speak, she would point to herself and I would say her name, before she could point to herself, I would say her same and kiss her. After bath time now, if this step is missed...unhappy child.

2. When Caitlyn is sick I tell her that she needs to take medicine to get better. I have also always told her that mommies love makes kids feel better too. Now when she is sick, she will tell me that she will take her medicine and my love will make her all better.

3. Caitlyn is my Snuggle Bunnie. I once tried to use the phrase "veg out" with Cate before...she wouldn't have any of that despite my numberous attempts to explain it to her. So by telling her that we are Snuggle Bunnies, this she could associate with...who wouldn't want to be a cute little furry animal rather than broccoli or peas?? Now when she wants to cuddle with me, she tells me, "Mommy come and be a Snuggle Bunnie on the couch with me."

4. There is one thing that Caitlyn says to me that absolutely makes my heart melt. Ever since she was a baby I have told her that she was my miracle. Now that she can talk, I say "You are my..." and she finishes the sentence by saying "Miracle." Every once in a while she will then tell me that I am also her miracle.

5. And of course, the words that every mother loves to hear. When Caitlyn looks at me and tells me, of her own accord, "I love you Mommy." What words could be better coming from a little girl to her mommy.

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