Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Scientist on My Hands

It is amazing to me to watch the vocabulary of a toddler expand....that is I enjoy watching when Caitlyn actually uses a really mature word, not learning the vocabulary of a trucker. I wonder sometimes where she has heard the words that she chooses to use...and use them in the correct context at that!
While we were driving home the other day, she was telling me that she goes on the potty everyday because she is a big girl now and that's what big girls do. I commented that it was true that big girls went on the potty everyday. Her response to me made me laugh the point that I think other drivers were looking at me funny! She said, "Mommy, now you say something scientific back."
Are you kidding me??? I can't recall offhand exactly what I said to her in response to that (after I finally stop laughing of course). But it was something along the lines of me loving her everyday. So she tells me, "That's not scientific Mommy, I already know that."
And so it begins I suppose, that this child is now going to correct me everytime I say something. I thought I had until she was at least 15 or so before that started!

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Cath said...

Maybe you have the next Einstein on your hands Nancy!