Friday, December 31, 2004

The dreaded "F" word

For those of you that know me, you also know that I have a tendency to have quite a trucker's mouth. Well appearently is seems that the vernacular in my house needs some altering as Caitlyn has become somewhat fond of this word. The first couple times that she spoke it, I paid no attention to it hoping that she would forget about the such luck.

Her latest sentence including this word was...
"I don't want to play this f*cking game anymore. The game that she is referencing is Hi Ho Cherry-O brought to her by Santa.

The reason that this latest statement has me so up in arms is because not only is she using the word appropriately in the proper context, but she is now managing to conjugate it! Yes, I am thankful that my child has learned how to conjugate verbs....but could she use words like jump and play and add the -ing to those? Nope, she has to stand out of course.

We have now had the discussion of what words are nice to say and what words that little girls are not supposed to say.

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Cath said...

O Nancy, although i know i shouldn't it just made me laugh. That sentence was so grown up! Hope you manage to deter her from the dreaded F word soon!