Monday, April 26, 2010

I am that Bad Mom you have heard about

Some time in the fall, I broke the news to Caitlyn that there was no Santa. Not because I wanted to be cruel on that particular day, but because she was asking about it and began doubting it a little herself. To spare her the embarrassment of being the only child in her classroom that still believed in him, I fessed up and told her the truth. In true Caitlyn format, there was drama. Tears and all. She threw out comments like, "It just seems like a little bit of the Christmas spirit is gone now that I know." OK? Well, there will still be the same amount of Christmas spirit under the tree as there was when you believed in Santa. She also learned the truth about the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy during that same discussion (which, by the way, lasted a good 24 hours). Despite her knowing the truth, we still play the game of Santa and the Bunny and the Fairy. All in jest of course, she makes air quotes and all when she says their names.

Fast forward to this past week. On Wednesday, Caitlyn's tooth fell out while we were at Family Night at her school. She was at another table with her friends and excitedly ran up to me with the tooth in her hand. (Side note, I hate the idea of teeth falling out. Grosses me out.) On the way home, we joke about the tooth fairy leaving her some money under her pillow. On Thursday, when we got home, she was very careful to tell me that she was surprised this morning that the "tooth fairy" didn't leave her any money. Yep, that's right. I totally forgot about it. I know that she knows the truth, but she still looks forward to it. I just completely forgot about it and went to bed. Instead of trying to talk my way out of it, I simply asked her if we could just forgo the formalities of putting the money under the pillow and I could just hand over the money to her. Naturally she agreed.

Yesterday, she was at a friend's house, and apparently she swallowed the other tooth that was loose. Either that was a really crunchy piece of chocolate or my kid doesn't chew her food well enough. Either way, I needed to give her money. Of which I had none on me. She woke up this morning and quickly asked if we could make the trade, tooth for cash, this afternoon.


Colleen said...

lol...Having children that dont live with you makes it interesting too. One of my stepdaughters lost one of her last teeth(older) while at our house...this was a my husband gave her and her twin sister each $20 to make up for all the other or future lost teeth.

Sometimes they just dont care as long as they get that money/prize!

Kennedy has lost a couple and we never found we drew a picture for the Tooth fairy instead.

beagoodmom said...

I've been thinking about this same thing. My 8 yo is very bright and reads a lot. Yet she still believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. She read Super Fudgem, in which Peter breaks the news to Fudgie, and didn;t even blink an eye. I wonder if she is pretending just to get the money/gifts. hmmmm....maybe she is even smarter than I thought.