Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas and New Year's in Review

Again, I am terrible at this now. I used to be so good about it, but lately, just don't have it in me to update as frequently as I used to. Anywho....

Christmas was wonderful this year! I will confess that I went absolutely ape shit crazy buying stuff for Caitlyn. She got darn near everything on her list that she wanted. Spoiled? Yes. However, she is an appreciative kid and would love gifts that she hadn't asked for. Not to mention the fact that we only have one kid. So what else are we going to spend our money on right? The most popular gift under the tree in Caitlyn's eyes this year was her iPod. I ordered it for her at least a month before Christmas and had it engraved. My plan was to load all of her music on it (from my iTunes) so that it was ready to go on Christmas. Do we think that really happened? You would be wise to say no, if you know me at all. But I had good intentions, really I did. We also got her the dock with the speakers so that she could use it in her room and use it without having to have ear buds in.

Next exciting gift under the tree was the plethora of America Girl Doll goodies. Thank goodness for cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) otherwise there would have been far fewer AG items under that tree. But they just happened to have most of the stuff that she had circled in the catalog on sale that day. So she was fortunate.

Of course there were tons of pj pants, not sets, pants. Cause she is all about wearing fleecy pj bottoms and oversized t shirts now. Must be an age thing. She got a bunch of clothes from Justice/Limited Too. (The entire store happened to be having a 40% off sale the day I went.) That is the only place that I have been able to find pants and jeans that fit her nicely. They make a super skinny slim that is fantastic! And Caitlyn loves all of the "funky" looks that they have. Personally, the store has far too many 80's fashions floating around for my liking. But the girl likes all of that.

Dad got the Black Hawks jersey that he wanted. We got the Wii Fit Plus for the "family gift" and I got the INstyler. I was so very excited to receive that. That is, until I went to use it for the third time and it refused to turn on. Seems it's not a very sturdy item. And of course, you can't take it back to the store that you purchased it from. You have to contact the company. Needless to say, I haven't done that yet. And I have no desire to do so, but the thought of losing $100 is looking over me. So I will get on that.

New Year's in the land of the Walshes was very low key this year. We didn't feel like getting all gussied up and heading out to some bar. Instead, we stayed home and lounged around with Caitlyn. She was soooooo excited to count down at midnight. Then once it was over, she was sort of confused. I explained to her that as she gets older, ringing in the New Year at midnight only becomes more anti-climactic. No, I didn't really tell her that, although I thought it and believe it to be true.

We are getting dumped on with lots of snow today. Which I love. And I am crossing my fingers, toes, legs, and eyes and anything else that I can get to cross in hopes of a snow day tomorrow. I would love for this to be a 4 day work week. Not that I have anything exciting going on this weekend, but it's the first week back in school after break. And that is always a tough week. So say a prayer, do a snow dance, whatever you have to do to get me a ton of snow here in Chicago folks!

My classes start up again next week. is the last two!!! So I am eager to get them started in an effort to get them over. Once those two classes end in March, I have my collaborative project that runs through June. I can't student teach again because I am already certified, so this collaborative project is in place of student teaching. Hopefully that won't be too painful. But I am nearing the end and couldn't be happier!!

next update.....coming soon ;)

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