Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Little Dare Devil

Every year, my brother's work rents out Great America for a private party. The employees are allowed to bring friends and family (for a fee of course). But the crowds are much smaller than a typical day, resulting in wait times in lines that are considerably shorter. We have been going to this for a few years now and have such a good time when we go.

Last year, Caitlyn went on her first roller coaster ride there. She went on the Whizzer (about 1000 times) and loved it.

After going on that, she was quite upset that she wasn't tall enough to go on any of the other roller coasters they had. I reassured her that when we came again the following year, she would certainly be tall enough for a couple more.

So this little lady decided that the first ride she would go on would be the Whizzer again. However, she made it very clear that after riding that, she wanted to go and see what other coasters she would be tall enough for. (Memory of an elephant I tell ya!)

The first ride we attempted to get her on was the Viper.

I figured it would be pretty impressive if she followed through with going on this ride.

After measuring her on the post, waiting in a short line, there she was sitting next to me in the car and rearing to go!!!
Upon it's completion she made it very clear that she wanted to ride the Viper again before we left!

Later in the evening, we were heading towards the American Eagle.

Not the most comfortable roller coaster on the planet. But certainly a novelty if you go to Great America. I don't think I've ever been there and not gone on it (provided it is running).

The height requirements were the same as those of the Viper, so we were off in line.
After the initial drop, which really is shocking, Caitlyn was having a ball and "wheeing" along.

After going on those 2, it seemed she really didn't want much to do with the other "kiddie" rides or age appropriate rides. She was awfully upset though that she wasn't able to go on some of the other coasters. I reassured her that she would be able to go on a couple more next year, just like she was able to this year. So I am certain that come summer next year, she will hold me to it. Let's hope for a few more inches of growth this year so that I haven't stuck my foot in my mouth ;)

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