Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Winter Assembly

Caitlyn had her winter assembly on Tuesday. Her class sang "Must Be Santa" and I must say that despite all of the words in the song, they really did a fantastic job.

Caitlyn wore the cutest little jumper (that I snagged at Kohl's at quite the discount). I think she was more excited to wear the dress than she was about singing on stage. The teacher also had santa hats for all of the kids.

We have also finally signed up for ballet. Which the girl is wayyyyy psyched about. She prances around the house on a daily basis telling me that she is practicing for dance class. She has also made it a point to tell anyone and everyone who will listen that she is starting dance class in January. In June, they have a recital, which I can't wait for ;)

Here are some pictures from the assembly....Christmas pictures to follow after the holiday.

Before we left the house

In line to go on stage

Singing "ho ho ho" with her arms out as Santa's belly (can you even find her in the middle there??? I really need a camera with a better zoom)

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Anonymous said...

Now Caitlyn's got me all teary eyed! Sheesh -- our kiddos can certainly make me sappy! Jack's class sang "Must be Santa" too -- I had never heard the song until that day! Now every once in a while it gets stuck in my head.