Saturday, October 09, 2004

Poop happens.....or does it?

As many of you may know, Caitlyn has been a very difficult child to potty train. Some time back, approximately a year or so, Caitlyn was gung ho and ready to pee on the potty. She did so beautifully. Then for some unknown reason known to man, she decided that she no longer liked the idea of it. Oh well you say, no big deal as she was only 2ish. Well, here we are at over 3ish and there is still no peeing in the potty. Although we do love to sit on it and watch TV.....

Last night Caitlyn tells me that she wants to wear her Freabella (Cinderella for those English speaking folks) panties and poop on the potty. Now, normally, pooping on that thing is something that chidren typically do not accomplish until they have mastered the art of peeing into that thing. But if my child wants to poop in it first, it would not surprise me as she has not chosen the normal path for anything in her life!

I proceed to take off the diaper, put on the panties, and help her sit on the potty. It is then that she begins to push and grunt and moan. After about 15 minutes, and no poop, I kindly say to her that maybe she should just wait a little bit and maybe it will happen then. Caitlyn, being her power hungry self, insists on sitting there until something, anything, happens.

I go about my business while she continues her deeds. Then Caitlyn says to herself, quielty as though no one is supposed to hear...
"Awwww, this is never gonna work. I can't poop here."

And there you have it....back into the diaper we went.

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Cath said...

OMG Nancy!! Thats is hilarious. She certainly has a way with words!
WTG Caitlyn and good luck with the Potty Poops!